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Mark Gorman Motivational MP3 Collection on USB
This is a special, limited-run offer of USB flash drives that come preloaded with content by Mark in MP3 format. The entire business-motivational speaking collection is included, as well as Mark's motivational preaching, the Cajun Humor collection, five of Mark's singing albums, three eBooks in PDF format, and a selection of ministry titles and teachings on the family. This is a limited-quantity run of 4GB USB flash drives being made available until supplies run out!

This package represents an enormous discount over buying these titles in any other format. If purchased separately on CD, these titles could cost over $1300 combined, but in this special limited-run offer, you can get all this content for only $99! And once you've loaded the content onto your computer's hard drive, you can reuse the flash drive!

Business - Motivational

  • You Can Succeed
    • How to Keep Your Dream Alive
    • Keeping Your Focus for Victory
    • The Double-Minded Man
    • The Purpose of a Dream
  • Becoming a Leader
    • Conquer Complacency
    • The Challenge to Lead
    • The Power to Choose
    • Your Focus is Your Future
  • WIN
    • M.I.G.H.T.Y.
    • The Secret of Success
    • The Winning Attitude
    • WIN
  • Getting a Message to Garcia

Louisiana Cajun Humor

  • Cajun Humor Vol. 1
    • Clarence
    • Good News & Bad News
    • Sign Language
    • Job Huntin Up North
    • Winnin In Las Vegas
    • The Ventriloquist
    • Boudreaux the Liar
    • Coon Huntin
    • Hazardous Drivin
    • Judo & Karate
    • Boudreaux Plays Golf
    • Pierre the Paratrooper
    • Boudreaux Meets the President
    • Three Brothers
    • Panama City Vacation
    • Boudreaux the Babysitter
    • Don’t Step on the Ducks
  • Cajun Humor Vol. 2
    • Mark This Spot
    • Ice Fishin
    • Sound Like A Frog
    • The Parrot
    • Atheist & the Bear
    • Boudreaux Goes to New York
    • Bad Memory
    • Bird Dog
    • Halo Statue
    • Milk Bath
    • Boat for Sale
    • Detective Boudreaux
    • Inspection Sticker
    • Social Worker
    • Cajun Computer Virus
    • Pharmacy Job
    • Duck Huntin
    • Boudreaux’s New Mirror
    • The Bull
    • Elephants
    • Two Hogs
    • RJ
    • Mr. Robert
    • Coach Boudreaux
    • Jigsaw Puzzle
    • 911
    • No Ears
  • Cajun Humor Vol. 3
    • Chlotilde's Letter to Alfonse
    • Dear Chlotilde
    • Boudreaux and Thibodaux's LA Trip
    • Spotted Owl Gumbo
    • Boudreaux and the Snake
    • The Bus Wreck
    • Boudreaux's Big Question
    • Boudreaux's New Thermos
    • Boudreaux's Pet Fish
    • Thibodaux's Pet
    • Buyin' Clothes in Texas
    • The Funeral
    • Marriage Counselin'
    • Boudreaux the Bus Chaser
    • The Game
    • Cruisin'
    • Little Marie's Goldfish
    • The Coachin' Convention
    • Boudreaux and Thibodaux's Interview


  • Building Strong Families
    • Building a Healthy Marriage
    • Raising Positive Kids Part 1
    • Raising Positive Kids Part 2


  • Are You the One in 100?
    • Are You the One in 100? Part 1
    • Are You the One in 100? Part 2
  • Don't Water the Trees
    • The Cedar
    • The Palm
  • God is Love
    • Our Response to God's Love
    • Why Does God Love Us
  • Knowing God's Will
    • How to Hear God's Voice
    • Learning to Hear in Your Spirit
    • Why Should I Want God's Will
  • Pulling Down Strongholds
    • Why the Resurrection
    • Control Your Desires... Or They Will Control You
    • An In-Depth Study of Strongholds
  • The Three Kings - Authority for Warfare
    • Authority for Warfare
    • God's Law of Agreement - Forgiveness

Motivational Preaching

  • 7 D's for Winning
  • Discerning the Times
    • Discerning the Times Part 1
    • Discerning the Times Part 2
    • Discerning the Times Part 3
    • Discerning the Times Part 4
  • Don't Give Up
    • The Promised Land
    • The Purpose of the Mountain Top
    • The Wrong Side of Jordan
  • Fight the Fight
  • God's Plan for Prosperity
    • Christians and Prosperity
    • Own Your Harvest
    • Planting for a Harvest
  • It's Never Too Late to Start Over
  • Marketplace Ministry Paradigms
    • Marketplace Ministry Paradigms Pt 1
    • Marketplace Ministry Paradigms Pt 2
  • Ministering in the Marketplace
    • Ministering in the Marketplace Pt 1
    • Ministering in the Marketplace Pt 2
  • Preparing for Marketplace Ministry
  • Singapore Marketplace Ministry Seminar
  • The Attitude of Huge (Audio MP3)
    • The Attitude of Huge
    • Stop Thinking Like Dirt
    • Living Beyond Your Name
  • The Influence of Wealth
  • The Ultimate Paradigm Shift
  • Vision Brings Restraint
  • Why Now Is Your Best Time To Succeed
  • You Have a Destiny

Music Albums

  • Christmas Everyday
    • O Holy Night
    • Angels We Have Heard on High
    • Christmas Everyday
    • Fairest Lord Jesus
    • Silent Night
    • Away in a Manger
    • It Came Upon a Midnight Clear
    • Christmas Praise
    • O Come All Ye Faithful
    • Take Us Home for Christmas
  • He’ll Find A Way
    • He’ll Find A Way
    • Operator
    • Father Make Us One
    • It Is Well With My Soul
    • He’ll Do It Again
    • Daystar Shine Down On Me
    • Amazing Grace
    • Don’t Give Up
    • His Eye Is On The Sparrow
    • I Will Be Glad
  • Reach For Your Dreams
    • Reach
    • I Can Do Anything
    • Hero
    • When You Put Your Heart In It
    • Back On My Feet Again
    • I Believe
    • Hold On
    • Power of the Dream
    • Wind Beneath My Wings
    • Eye of the Tiger
  • We Are The Reason
    • We Are The Reason
    • Heartmender
    • Gloryland Way
    • He Still Believes In Me
    • Take Us Home For Christmas
    • Blow Ye The Trumpet
    • He Came To Me
    • Stop This Haulin’ Water
    • Majesty
    • Reprise
  • Worship Volume 1
    • When Praise Demands A Sacrifice
    • My Tribute
    • I Feel Jesus
    • I Exalt Thee
    • The Lamb Has Overcome
    • Holy Of Holies
    • Great Is Thy Faithfulness
    • Hosanna
    • The Lord’s Prayer
    • Before Your Majesty, The King

eBooks in PDF Format

  • God's Plan for Prosperity
  • The Three Heavens
  • Getting a Message to Garcia

Product ID: 001BusinessUSB
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 MP3 Collection on USB for $99 + Flat Rate $10 International Shipping - ON SALE THRU MARCH 31ST - $109.00
 MP3 Collection on USB for $99 + Flat Rate $5 Domestic Shipping - ON SALE THRU MARCH 31ST - $104.00




Mark Gorman Motivational Collection on MP3
This very special offer has previously only been sold live at Mark's motivational speaking events. As a limited online offer, this pack is being made available, and at a special, discounted price!

Included in this pack are Mark's three foundational business teaching packs, each consisting of 4 presentations. That's a total of 12 of Mark's core Motivational teachings, all in one pack!

You Can Succeed includes: The Purpose of a Dream, The Double-Minded Man, Keeping Your Focus for Victory, & How to Keep Your Dream Alive

Becoming A Leader includes: Your Focus is Your Future, The Power to Choose, The Challenge to Lead, and Conquer Complacency

W.I.N. includes: WIN, The Winning Attitude, M.I.G.H.T.Y., & The Secret of Success

These packs sell separately for over $100 each on CD, but they are available in this MP3 Collection on a single data disc, for the special price of only $77 dollars!

Please Note: This pack includes a single data disc with MP3 files, and will not play directly in many CD Players. It is intended for use with digital music players, such as computers, iPods, smartphones, etc.
Product ID: 011BusinessMP3

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To be a winner, you must think like a winner. There are two levels of thought: the conscious mind and the sub-conscious mind. When you understand the specific functions and abilities of these two thought processes, you will learn to think like a winner.

Focus on nothing and you'll hit it every time! Most people approach life with "shotgun mentality". Like a shotgun they "spray" their efforts in several different directions, hoping to hit something by chance. To succeed, you need "rifle mentality". Successful people find a single target, and like a rifle, focus their resources, energies and abilities on hitting that target.

As you listen to these recordings, you will be challenged to set and achieve your goals, train your mind for success, and focus on "success mentality". You will be motivated to excel, challenged to be better-than-average, and determined not to settle for anything less than excellence in everything that you do.

Product ID: abt001
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 CD: YOU CAN SUCCEED - $147.00
 MP3: YOU CAN SUCCEED - $47.00





The world is looking for leaders! Where are the people who have the vision to lead? Leadership demands discipline, determination and diligence. These qualities must be refined before you can truly be a leader. There must be preparation before promotion.

Leadership is based on character, not ability. People don't respect titles; they respect people whose lives inspire them. Leadership is not taught, it is caught. If you desire to be a leader, these recordings will teach you how to develop character from your circumstances. Accept the challenge to lead!

Mark's Stories of real life people who, when faced with overwhelming adversity chose to regard their circumstances as opportunities, and rise above them to become leaders, will inspire and challenge you to achieve your destiny and to walk in success and victory.

Product ID: bbt002
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"Winning isn't everything, it' the only thing." Those words spoken by the great football coach, Vince Lombardi sum up the mindset of every champion. Lombardi, the quintessential winner, led the Green Bay Packers to win six divisional championships, five NFL championships, and the first two Super Bowls, in just eight years. When he walked onto the playing field, he was there for one reason - to be victorious. His sole objective, his primary purpose, never wavered. He was in the game to win.

Winning is not achieved by chance. Winning is a habit. Successful individuals have acquired habits, adopted attitudes, and embraced principles that have brought them triumphantly to the winner's circle. There are essential qualities or attributes that winners share in common.

In this hard-hitting, no-nonsense series, Mark explores the art of winning. You will be challenged, inspired and motivated to put these principles to work in your life. The Bible says, "Whatever your hand finds to do, do it with all of your might." As Coach Lombardi put it, "... sacrifice, perseverance, competitive drive, selflessness and respect for authority is the price that each and every one of us must pay to achieve any goal that is worthwhile. The object is to win, fairly, squarely, by the rules - but to win!" If you are going to play the game, play for victory! Pursue the win!

Product ID: bcbt003
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 CD: WIN - $147.00
 MP3: WIN - $47.00




Product ID: bdbt004
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DVD/CD COMBO: Getting A Message To Garcia
Pack includes 1 audio CD and 1 DVD.

Product ID: bdvd001

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DVD/CD COMBO: How To Keep Your Dream Alive
Also known as: Act Like Your Dream
Pack includes 1 audio CD and 1 DVD.

HOW TO KEEP YOUR DREAM ALIVE Not all dreamers are winners, but all winners are dreamers. Your dream is the key to your future. The Bible says that, "without a vision (dream), a people perish." You need a dream, if you're going to succeed in anything you do.  Three things will try to steal your dreams: people, life, and time. In this presentation, Mark tells an actual story of a man who overcame these three obstacles to achieve his dreams. Mark considers this to be one of the greatest success stories of someone achieving their dreams, while overcoming tremendous obstacles.  The dream gives you the incentive to press on, in spite of great disappointments. If you are thinking of giving up, one of two things is true: you don’t have a dream, or you have lost sight of your dreams. The dream is what drives you to succeed.  This presentation will give you a reason to dream, and teach you how to ACT LIKE YOUR DREAM!

Product ID: bdvd001b

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Reach for Your Dreams Sampler
A selection of Mark's motivational and success teaching, as well as hilarious Cajun Humor.
The CD contains:

COMEDY - Mark's Cajun Humor
SINGING - a song from Mark's most recent Music CD
MOTIVATIONAL SPEAKING - "How To Keep Your Dream Alive" - Mark shared excerpts from this speech at the event you attended. This is the full length recording of that speech.
Product ID: dreamsampler
Select One:
 CD: Reach for Your Dreams Sampler - $20.00
 MP3: Reach for Your Dreams Sampler - $15.00




Mark Gorman Business iPod Collection
Your 8GB iPod Nano comes preloaded with all the following content, so you can start listening as soon as you open the box, without ever having to connect it to your computer.

You Get All These Great Titles!:

Business Success - Motivational Speaking:
You Can Succeed - Business Success Series #1 (Audio MP3)
How to Keep Your Dream Alive
    The Purpose of a Dream
    The Conscious & Subconscious Mind
    Keeping Your Focus for Victory
Becoming a Leader - Business Success Series #2 (Audio MP3)
The Challenge to Lead
    The Power to Choose
    Conquer Complacency
    Your Focus is Your Future
WIN - Business Success Series #3 (Audio MP3)
The Secret of Success
    The Winning Attitude
Other Business titles include:
Don't Let Anything Steal Your Dreams
("Act Like Your Dream") (Audio MP3)
Getting a Message to Garcia
(Audio MP3)

Louisiana Cajun Humor - Stand Up Comedy:
Louisiana Cajun Humor Volume 1
(Audio MP3)
Louisiana Cajun Humor Volume 2
(Audio MP3)
Louisiana Cajun Humor Volume 3
(Audio MP3)

Marketplace Ministry Titles:
Marketplace Ministry Paradigms
(Audio MP3)
Ministering in the Marketplace
(Audio MP3)
Preparing for Marketplace Ministry
(Audio MP3)
Leading in the Marketplace (Audio MP3)
Serving in the Marketplace (Audio MP3)

Vision Brings Restraint
(Audio MP3)
You Have A Destiny
(Audio MP3)
You Gotta Have a Why
(Audio MP3)

MP3 of the Month:

A 6-month Subscription to Mp3 of the Month (Audio MP3)
Each month - for six months, you will receive a brand new monthly audio presentation in MP3 format and a ministry update letter by Mark's wife, Gina!

Business MP3 of the Month:
A 6-month Subscription to the Business Mp3 of the Month (Audio MP3)
Each month - for six months, you will receive a brand new business monthly audio presentation in MP3 format.

(If purchased separately, Audio CDs & MP3s & iPod would cost $805.00)

You Save: $406.00

Product ID: ipod03

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Individual titles included:

Como Pescar el Pez Grande
Recarga Y Comienza De Nuevo
Mensaje A Garcia
No Dejes Que Nadie Te Robe Tus Suenos
Product ID: spCD1

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Individual titles included:

En Tu Enfoque Esta Tu Futuro
El Reto de Liderizar
La Ramita del 93
Product ID: spCD2

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Individual titles included:

Estás Sacando Tus Fuerzas del Gozo o de La Felicidad
Conquista El Conformismo
El Hombre de Doble Ánimo
La Actitud Ganadora
Product ID: spCD3

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